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The evolution of earth

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The original Earth was a substance consisted of a mixture of all substances. At the time the Earth frequently got shocks from asteroids and this energy got turned into heat energy making the Earth hot. Once the Earth started melting the iron and such heavy substances went downwards and the lighter substances went upwards causing friction heat. Also the original solar system which was abundant with radioactive isotope decay heat which resulted in the Earth becoming hot. The substances which had reached the Earth melted from the high heat. As a result the iron and nickel went downwards and reached the core. The substances lighter then they went upwards and the mantle and crust were formed. As a result the Earth changed from a homogeneous substance to a substance incorporating a layered structure. On the other hand due to the heat and friction of the volcano activity the shell of the Earth melted and after the magma ocean was formed the Earth cooled down the magma and formed the crust.
Although the air of the original Earth was constituted of light gases doe to solar wind and heat possessed by the Earth the air blew away to the outside. This is to say the air today is not the same air which the original Earth contained and with the flow of time was newly formed. If we look at the formation components of the air in the early stages of the Earth’s constitution methane, ammonia, hydrogen, helium and water were accomplished but on the other hand today the formation is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon. A theory explaining this is the out gassing hypothesis, which states it is formed from the inside of the Earth, and the photochemical dissociation hypotheses, which has the theory that through strong light existing chemical substances either combine or separate to form a constitution. However rather than thinking that solely one of these methods took affect it may be more appropriate to think that both of these happened as a compound. The original air which was formed by the above method encompasses a large amount of vapor. This fell down as rain and cooled the shell of the original Earth, and reached the lowlands of the crust, forming a sea.