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Donghae-myeon Idae footprint fossil location

Towards the south side of the East Sea dinosaur footprint fossils were first discovered in January 1987 and in 1998 were officially publicized by the academic world.  Large sauropoda types’ footprint trails can be seen in two locations and therpoda and fragments types’ footprint fossils also appeared.  Various stratum sections can be seen, resulting in an abundant supply of geological and paleontology resources.

Janghang Village Shore
The Janghang village has a shore in front which has a dock protruding to the south.  From here eastwards, in the direction of the shore, sedimentary rock is developed and many sauropoda type footprint fossils are clustered together and carnivore dinosaur therpoda type footprint fossils have also appeared.

East side shore of large Guhakpo
Dinosaur footprint fossils can be observed towards the east of the village, after about a 1km walk and before reaching Guhakpo Village there is a sign.  Follow the sign towards the shore and there are varied preserved dinosaur footprints in this wide area.

East side shore of small Guhakpo
The dinosaur footprint fossils which appear here are gigantically sized.  At the end of the breakwater there is a very near place where a large saurpoda type footprint 1m in length can be seen.  Also, if the shore is followed about 150m east there are some other footprint fossils of a similar size.  The footprint fossils of fragment types, who moved in masses, have also been discovered but when oysters and barnacles are prosperous they cover these footprints, making them difficult to be seen.